Sussex Open FAQs

What is the deadline to apply for the Sussex Open 2018?

All applications must be received by end of day on Monday, 30 April 2018.

How do I apply to be exhibited in Sussex Open?

Our application process is via an online form (available here). If you have any access issues that make this method difficult, please email or call 01323 434670 and we will make alternative arrangements for you.

What will I need to supply?

Can work in progress be submitted?

Concepts or work in progress can be submitted, as long as the artist clearly articulates their plans for the finished work through sketches and artist statements. Entries that do not conform to their submitted digital image or concept may be rejected.

Can I submit a proposal instead of a completed work?

Yes. Please supply a proposal for your work (not more than 300 words), with sketches if appropriate. 

How do I submit an installation work?

If you have specific installation requirements for your work it is essential that you supply these in your application form and they will be taken into consideration during the selection process. The more details you can provide at this point, the better. If your installation work is selected, further discussions with the Curator will be required.

How do I submit a film/video or sound work?

If submitting film, video or sound works please upload a file (up to 5mb) or provide an external  link to the work online. For video works we suggest using Vimeo (password facility available) or YouTube, and for audio works we suggest SoundCloud.

How should I prepare my files images for uploading?

Please save image in either jpg/jpeg or png format, no larger than 2mb. Please ensure that each image includes your first and last names and title of work in the filename, and that it is correctly orientated (upright).

Can I submit hard copies of my application or images?

Sorry, no, we are only able to accept digital entries.

How many works can I submit?

You can submit up to a maximum of 5 works.

When must my work have been made?

Work must have been produced in the last 3 years (i.e. since 2015).

Is there an age requirement?

Yes you need to be over the age of 18 to enter.

I live outside the Sussex region. Can I still apply?

We welcome applications from any artists working or living within East and West Sussex.

Can I enter both Sussex Open 2018 and the Sussex Open Commission Award?

Yes, it is fine to make submissions for both opportunities.

How much does it cost to enter?

We charge a non-refundable £20 administration fee that covers up to 5 works.

How do I pay for my submission?

You will find payment fields in the online application form that you can use to pay with any debit or credit card. The payment is processed securely using Stripe and Towner will not receive any of your card details at any stage.

Does my work need to be for sale?

All artworks submitted must be available for sale during the Sussex Open exhibition.

Does the gallery take a commission on sales?

Yes, please ensure that all prices on your artworks include a 35% commission to go to Towner.

I am not a professional artist, can I still apply?

Sussex Open is an inclusive exhibition and we welcome entries from anyone – work will not be chosen on the basis of the artist’s professional status.

I create work as part of a team or collective. Can we enter work under our collective name?

You are welcome to submit works as a team or collective – please ensure you include all names of artists on the application form.

Can I enter diptychs/triptychs as one work?

Yes, if you do this please ensure the image on your application form shows the work in its entirety.

When will I know if I have been successful?

You will receive an email from us on or before Friday 1 June informing you whether your application has been successful.

Can I receive feedback if I’m not successful?

Sadly, due to the large number of entries it is not possible for us to provide personalised feedback for applicants.

Will late entries be accepted?

Sorry, no late submissions will be accepted.

Please note that the Selector’s decision is final. The organisers cannot enter into correspondence or discussion over their decisions. Every care is taken but no responsibility can be accepted for the loss or damage of applications.

Following selection, the gallery reserves the right not to exhibit work in the event that it is in poor condition or badly framed.

For any enquiries please email