Recommended watching, from cinema programmer Kate Wood

Posted on 1/05/2020

We’re pleased to bring you a fresh selection of suggested online viewing, lovingly handpicked for you by our Cinema Programmer, Kate Wood. With the internet awash with live streams, virtual tours, talks and Q&As, it can be difficult to know where to start – but we’re here to help.

Close the curtains, get comfortable on the sofa and let the cinema come to you.

Over to Kate….

Succession, Amazon Prime

Personally, I’m currently enjoying devouring Succession, which I missed when it first came out in 2018 and everyone was raving about it. Focused on the notorious Logan family, who control the largest media and entertainment company in the US, it’s a sprawling satirical drama equal parts painfully tense and howlingly funny. Perfect lockdown watching. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

Carol Morley’s Friday Film Club is also one not to miss. Join director Carol Morley (Dreams of a Life, Out of Blue) for a weekly Twitter watchalong every Friday night. Each week, Morley chooses a film freely available in the public domain and shares a link to watch online. Press play at 8pm and then join in the discussion by following @_CarolMorley and #FridayFilmClub afterwards. Previous choices have included Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Charade and the 1937 version of A Star is Born.

Living Room Q&As is another tip. Available to watch live on social media (or via youtube afterwards), Curzon Home Cinema are working with world-class filmmakers to bring you Q&As in the comfort of your own front room. For fans of the recent smash-hit Bait, we recommend this conversation with the director Mark Jenkin, hosted by Mark Kermode.