The Postal Exchange

Following two successful seasons of artist-led live workshops, we’re pleased to welcome back Amy Leung and Rachel McGivern to collaborate on a series of four new #MakeShiftStudio Live Making Workshops on our @Hello_Towner Instagram account.

From 6 August, join us on alternate Thursdays at 2.00pm, as we launch #ThePostalExchange season.

This season will see Amy and Rachel deliver a series of live making workshops motivated by a postal exchange. Packages of everyday objects, sent alternately by each artist, will trigger unexpected explorations of materials, properties and making processes, which will be revealed in each Live Making Workshop. We can’t wait to see what creative experiments their conversation through objects will inspire!

Thursday 6 August – Part 1 with Rachel McGivern
Kitchen Drawer Printmaking

Rachel explored the objects she received from artist Amy Leung in a live Kitchen Drawer Printmaking workshop. Using the metal fork, spoon, chopsticks and straw, plus some of her own additions, Rachel explores how these objects can become alternative mark-making devices and shares how to use these to make our own inventive prints from home.

Download your illustrated making guide

For this week’s workshop you will need:⁠
Tetra Pak carton (clean juice or milk carton), kitchen roll, sharp pencil, metal spoon, metal fork, felt tip pens, water spray bottle or damp sponge, scissors, paper

Thursday 20 August – Part 2 with Amy Leung
Paper Shape Play: Shadow Mobiles

Amy explored the objects she received from Rachel in a live making workshop. Taking inspiration from the sink drainer and scourers, Amy explores the shapes and surfaces of other household objects. Using shadow as a means to capture these in paper forms, she then shares how to construct and animate a light responsive mobile.

Download your illustrated making guide

For this week’s workshop you will need:⁠
Assorted kitchen utensils/ objects with interesting shapes, paper (colour or plain), string or ribbon, pen or pencil, chopsticks, twigs or extra pens, light source: torch, lamp or sun, pair of scissors

Optional but helpful:
Paper clips, glue stick, ruler, hole punch⁠

Thursday 3 September – Part 3 with Rachel McGivern
Wrapping Up

Rachel explored #ThePostalExchange objects she received from Amy. Taking inspiration from the bath scrub, slinky (coiled object) and sweets, Rachel explores all things coiled, wrapped and wound. She introduces us to the process of making an Ojo de Dios- a hanging woven motif originating from Mexico and shares some making experiments using the same technique but working with alternative household materials.

Download your illustrated making guide

For this week’s workshop you will need:⁠

Thursday 17 September – Part 4 with Amy Leung
Nature Explorations

In this week’s workshop, Amy explored #ThePostalExchange objects she received from Rachel. Taking inspiration from the seeds, natural sponge, magazine cuttings and onion peel, Amy brings the outdoors indoors, sharing three simple ideas to transform a collection of found and gathered natural forms and materials.


Download your illustrated making guide

For this week’s workshop you will need:⁠

How to get involved:⁠

Gather your materials using the list provided ahead of each workshop, and tune into the live broadcast on @Hello_Towner at 2.00pm on Thursdays 6 & 20 August, 3 & 17 September to enjoy making, experimenting and collaborating!⁠

Share your outcomes with us by tagging @Hello_Towner and using #MakeShiftStudio and #ThePostalExchange in your posts. Amy and Rachel will also be sharing their object-inspired experiments!⁠

You can download an illustrated making guide from our website in advance of each workshop. And don’t worry if you can’t make the live session – the recording will be available on this page, as well as on Instagram at @Hello_Towner and @TownerGallery, so you can get involved whenever you like.