Workshops with Amy Leung

From 7 May to 11 June 2020, artist Amy Leung explored our weekly #MakeShiftStudio challenges with some making experiments in a series of live Instagram workshops.

All workshops in this series are available on this page, complete with downloadable illustrated guides for you to enjoy at home any time you like. Don’t forget to check out Season 2 with Rachel McGivern.

Relaxing / Sensory Tools

Download your illustrated guide to making relaxing sensory tools

To make a squashy, you’ll need:⁠


To make a Lava Lamp/ Sensory Bottle⁠, you’ll need:

Weaving / Experimental Textiles

Download your illustrated guide for this workshop

⁠You’ll need:⁠⠀
• Glue stick⠀
• Scissors ⠀
• Strong string/ ribbon/ wool⠀
• Cardboard offcuts A4 or A5 (depends on how big you’d like your weave to be)⠀
• Household textiles that you don’t mind cutting up: old bed sheets, plastic bags, fabric, tights, paper, ribbon….⠀
• Tape⠀
• A pencil and ruler might also be useful but aren’t essential.

Doodling / Making Inks and Marks

Download your illustrated guide for Making Inks and Marks

In this workshop, Amy Leung shares with us her recipes for making homemade inks – making use of some classic freezer and cupboard stocks including instant coffee, spices, and frozen berries! In true #MakeShiftStudio spirit, she also creates an imaginative and wearable drawing tool made from simple household objects and talks us through how to make our own surprising marks.

You’ll need:

To make turmeric ink:

To make berry ink:

Floating / Bubble Snakes

Download your illustrated guide for making Bubble Snakes

In this workshop, artist Amy Leung takes us through the process of creating a simple bubble maker and then experiments with her bubbles, including by making bubble prints and sculpting bubble mountains. This is a quick make that’s perfect for a sunny day.

You’ll need:

Spinning / Windchime Mobiles

Download your illustrated guide for making Windchime Mobiles

In this workshop, artist Amy Leung leads us through the playful process of making a noise-making, light-reflecting mobile from objects and materials found around the house. Explore sound, movement and shadow with this simple make.

You’ll need:⁠

Squashing / Playdough

Download your illustrated guide for making Playdough

In this workshop, artist Amy Leung introduces us to her salt dough recipe. Follow along through the measuring and mixing process and then, use household items and materials to experiment with collecting prints and building constructions.

You’ll need: