Regular Groups

Towner has a long and successful history of supporting artists through commissioning, collecting and exhibiting their work. Less well known or developed, is the provision of studio space and ongoing professional development for artists at all stages of their career. Amidst the fast-changing educational and economic landscape, we are taking time during our tenth anniversary year in this building, to reflect on how we best support artistic practice, especially for local artists, in a truly holistic and sustainable way.

Art School is our answer. Built from the deep and wide-ranging relationships through our learning programme, we are extending our partnerships with schools, colleges, universities and public services, to create an offer that includes artist residencies, talks, events and a summer programme. Art School will facilitate learning across practices and ages, ensuring conversations between all the artists we work with, enabling a richer experience for individuals, organisations and our audience.

Artist Networks

If you are interested in being involved, please contact Willow Mitchell on