Last Station
Located: Eastbourne

Posted on 4/10/2018
Studio 1 & 2, Towner Art Gallery
Saturday 20 October to Sunday 4 November

Towner’s ground floor studio spaces are the venue for this touring project presented by artists Elise & Mary.

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What is it all about: Last Station is inspired by the ‘guiding lights’ and navigation systems of Trinity House, and the influence of marine history and waterways in the UK’s heritage and identity. The central idea behind the work is to think about how we form connection to ‘place’ and sense of identity – physically, culturally, emotionally and spiritually. The installation uses the concept of floating navigational aids moored on shifting sandbanks – light vessels and buoys – as a metaphor to explore the states of location and dislocation for individuals and communities. You are invited to explore this installation of rooms within rooms of sculpture, lights, video and soundscapes, to make you own connections and disconnections.

Last Station has been developed by artists Elise & Mary over 5 years and is funded by the Arts Council of England Grants for the Arts and Awards 4 All. The installation at Towner Art Gallery is the last stop of the journey and will feature Eastbourne-inspired works along with work made during the last 2 years on the tour, including collaborative pieces by Kay Syrad, Esther Appleyard-Fox, and Rohan Jayasekera.

Elise & Mary have created an installation housing the artists’ research and interpretation of this important part of our maritime heritage. The work explores the states of location and dislocation, for individuals and communities, to ‘place’ and identity – physically, culturally, emotionally and spiritually.

Last Station Touring 2016 – 18 visited Leeds, Hull, Scarborough, Southport and will end its 2 year journey at Towner Art Gallery. Elise & Mary have created work with people they met on the way and an online archive of research, conversations, drawings, artworks, soundscapes and video.

‘Elise & Mary’ is a multidisciplinary fine art and design partnership. Both artists are inspired by the way we inhabit and made sense of the world around us. Their practice is research based, with a long successful track record of working with communities, government and cultural organisations. Both artists have 25 years experience of teaching, curation, commissioning and project management. They constantly develop their practice as fine artists working in the public realm, to create work that has a meaningful legacy for the place and people its made for.

For more info, and to look at the Last Station archive:

Last Station Touring is funded by Arts Council of England, Awards 4 All, and Sefton Council, with support in kind from The Atkinson Gallery and partners in Leeds, Hull, and Eastbourne.