Guest post: Wilma, Sussex Downs student, on A Certain Kind of Light & Fuse Box

Posted on 30/01/2017

We welcomed Wilma, a young photographer currently studying at Sussex Downs College to the preview of A Certain Kind of Light and to the launch of our new open learning space for all commissioned by Hermione Allsopp in response to the exhibition. Read on for Wilma’s review of the exhibition and her striking photographs that wonderfully capture the mood of Hermione’s installation Another Kind of Light.

This month, Towner Art Gallery opened a new exhibition called A Certain Kind of Light, which is by far one of the most fascinating exhibitions I have had the pleasure of seeing at Towner. Holding pieces of sculpture, photography, projection, video, painting and drawing, they all connect together to portray light through the decades. From acrylic on Scotchbrite, to low energy light bulbs and wooden sculptures, the exhibition offers something for everyone. It is modern and versatile appealing to all tastes and ages. The colours of the rainbow apparent in the first two rooms create a bright and vibrant feeling, which is juxtaposed against the last two rooms that have more of monochrome hues. Effortlessly, the pieces complement and contrast with each other showing the unity of the artists’ works.

The piece that stood out for me the most was Katie Paterson’s enchanting Totality. Made of over 10,000 unique photos of eclipses, the mirror ball reflects the progressions of an eclipse across the walls, scattering specks of white light that imitate stars on a night sky. Almost transcending, the effect of the sculpture takes you to another place allowing you to wander through time.

In addition to the recently opened exhibition: Towner’s learning space, #FuseBox, has been transformed in to a mesmerising mixed-media installation called Another Kind of Light by Hermione Allsopp. From floor to ceiling, the attention to detail is admirable. Covering the walls are over 30 mirrors in various shapes and sizes that together form a collage. The corner of the room is outlined with reflective surfaces creating an extraordinarily unusual perspective and abstract reflections. Hanging from the ceiling is a lightbulb with a globe of orange lampshades, bringing warmth into the silver room.

As an aspiring photographer, I was extremely inspired and curious to delve into this eye-catching room and to record the wonders it holds through my camera lens. This worked out successfully, capturing the different tones, contrasting shapes and the beauty of refractions. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to make sculptures using metallic crafting materials such a straws, foil and paper plates. These are displayed on shelves in the room, making you a part of the art. With the exquisite music and comfortable beanbags making an enjoyable atmosphere, the room is perfect to explore and admire when visiting Towner.

Wilma, photography student currently studying at Sussex Downs College.

A Certain Kind of Light is an Arts Council Collection national partner exhibition. Towner is an Arts Council Collection National Partner 2016-19. The Arts Council Collection is the largest national loan collection of British modern and contemporary art. As part of the Collection’s 70th Anniversary celebrations, the National Partners Programme will see four major galleries working together to host a series of new exhibitions. The Arts Council Collection is managed by Southbank Centre, London on behalf of Arts Council England.