Finding Your Way art installation at Towner (21-26 July)

Posted on 22/07/2015
Finding Your Way 6

Finding Your Way balloon cloud art installation. Photo: Ailie MacDonald Wilson

Come to Towner this week and explore an inspiring art installation created by the local community that will appeal to all the senses.

The Finding Your Way ‘balloon cloud’ art installation was created through a series of free workshops run by Creative Force artists Sally Colledge and Sheila Hay.

Over the course of the two-day weekend, a wide variety of participants got creative inside a marquee in Seaside Recreation Ground in Eastbourne’s Devonshire Ward.

From the very young to the very old, participants got to make items out of string, yarn, fishing wire, balloons, pipe cleaners, wool, lolly sticks, tulle, feathers, coloured paper and even polystyrene balls!  

The installation features all art works made, tethered by floating balloons. Shifting lights illuminate the space in shades of purple, green and red, while sounds recorded from the workshop play in the background.

The artists have written a summary of the work on display:

“Uplifting and joyous, this installation is a celebration of the vibrant communities of Devonshire Ward and Eastbourne who created it.”

The Finding Your Way project is managed by Eastbourne-based organisation Creative Force and commissioned by Towner. It is part of the Driving Devonshire Forward initiative funded by the Coastal Communities Fund managed by Eastbourne Borough Council & Eastbourne Homes Limited.

The project is also funded by Devonshire West Big Local and supported by Southern Railway Group.