The Field Room and The Stand

The Field Room provides a reflective, sensory experience for visitors of all ages, to safely explore thoughts and feelings of self-worth, female role models and positive everyday actions to counteract the artificiality of the digital world. It is an accompanying space to Virgin Territory in Studio 1, inviting you to play and reconnect.

It contains a work-in-progress, The Stand, by sculptor Eve Shepherd, a growing collective of porcelain female figurines, fragile in their individuality yet powerful in their combined presence as they literally stand their ground. It describes the hidden histories of women, celebrating achievements past and present, forming a legacy for future generations.

Eve Shepherd will be present at varying times throughout the exhibition, in a recreated corner of her Brighton studio, available to talk to visitors about her work and process.

Explore your own personal histories through workshops with artist Jenny Staff and develop ideas for the next figurine to be included in The Stand.

Eve Shepherd – Born in Sheffield in 1976, Eve started her career as a sculptor at the tender age of 17, working as an apprentice to the well known animal sculptor Anthony Bennett. She was described as ‘unique in the world of modern sculptors’ by Professor Anthony Stone, a former President of the Society of Portrait Sculptors.

Using traditional mediums and methods with a contemporary twist, Eve’s consistent ability to produce works, which though often challenging to the viewer, portray an exquisite sensitivity and honesty rarely seen in contemporary sculpture. Her work has the power to capture emotion and move the immoveable.

Jenny Staff – Jenny has a passion for play and exploration, working with major museums, galleries and institutions for 20 years creating exciting engagement projects to capture and communicate on multiple levels with the general public. Born in Lancaster in 1973, she is trained as a fine artist, and is fascinated by process, which she puts at the heart of her practice.

Using accessible methodologies and carefully chosen materials, she creates a safe space in which participants can play, investigate, create and reflect to create meaningful multi-layered work. She finds great joy and energy in sharing and exploring ideas within visual language.

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