Richard Billingham: Panoramic


Capturing the British countryside, from the South Downs to the Norfolk Fen and Constable’s Country in the East of England, Richard Bilingham’s photographs expose the rich textures in these landscapes. His panoramic views unearth the particular geology, vegetation, changing weather and light conditions of these places, some of which he revisited over a period of years.

The works in Panoramic have a visceral aesthetic, revealing Billingham’s emotional and creative relationship to nature and landscape and drawing on his background and sensibilities as a painter. They explore rhythm, pattern, repetition and dynamic composition as well as the tableaux in nature and often record a transformative moment in the landscape. References to the pictorial rhetoric of British landscape painting from the 19th century to the present are reflected and further reinforced by showing these works alongside a selection from Towner’s Collection chosen by Billingham and his panoramic film Sweep, 2004.

Richard Billingham is best known for his 1996 photobook Ray’s A Laugh, which documents the life of his father, mother and brother. In 2001, he was shortlisted for the Turner Prize for his solo show at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. He holds professorships at the University of Gloucestershire and Middlesex University.

Supported by Middlesex University and University of Gloucestershire

Presented in association with Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London

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