Ravilious Gallery and Collection Library

Since the 1930s, Towner has developed one of the largest public collections of work by Eric Ravilious (1903–1942) as well as extensive archive materials.

The Ravilious Gallery and Collection Library, supported by Eastbourne Arts Circle, is a dedicated space presenting changing exhibitions of works by Eric Ravilious selected from Towner’s extensive collection of his work.

The gallery also houses a library of books on artists in Towner’s Collection, providing a free to access research area.

Works currently on display are:

Dolly Engine, 1934

Lighthouses at Newhaven, 1935

Hampden Park, 1928 c.

Cuckmere Haven, 1939

Interior at Furlongs, 1939

Mount Caburn, 1935

Shepherd’s Cottage (The Lay), 1934

James and The Foremost Prince, 1934

Channel Steamer Leaving Harbour, 1935

Beachy Head (unfinished), c.1939

Newt Pond, 1932

Dungeness Lighthouse, 1938

We also have examples of Ravilious’ woodcuts, a number of his designs for Wedgwood and examples of Ravilious designed Wedgwood ceramics              


Images: Ravilious Gallery and Collection Library, Towner Art Gallery. Photos: Rob Harris

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