Melanie Manchot
People Places Propositions

Towner presents the first major exhibition of new and recent work by London-based photographer, video and installation artist Melanie Manchot. People, Places, Propositions is the most significant exhibition of Melanie Manchot’s work to date in the UK, including the premiere of Out of Bounds (2016), a cinematic two-part installation shot in the alpine mountains of Engelberg in Switzerland. Out of Bounds sits alongside the multi-channel video installations Twelve (2015), an exploration of lives spent in addiction and recovery, and 11/18 (2015) a nine-screen durational studio portrait, seven years in the making, which enquires into the nature of time, duration and commitment.

Together, these distinct projects, configured as sculptural presences within the gallery, provide a rich overview of Melanie Manchot’s practice, giving comprehensive insights into her areas of research and long-standing enquiries – from portraiture to participation and performance, to questions of individual and collective identities, to her exploration of the very particular socio-economic and ecological microclimate of a specific alpine mountain and its community. People Places Propositions reveals the strength and depth of Melanie Manchot’s practice at a critical moment in her artistic career.

The Lost Weekend

In conjunction with the exhibition, we will be screening The Lost Weekend, a season of films exploring themes of substance misuse, used in the development of Melanie Manchot’s Twelve.

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1-2/6 Melanie Manchot, Out of Bounds, 2016, 2 channel video installation, colour, sound.
3-4/6 Melanie Manchot, Twelve, 2015, multi-channel video installation, colour, sound.
Dimensions variable.
5-6/6 Melanie Manchot, 11/18, 2015, Super8 film transferred to HD video, nine channel
video installation, black and white, silent.

People Places Propositions includes the final leg of the tour of Twelve, commissioned by Portraits of Recovery and funded by the Wellcome Trust, Small Arts Awards and Arts Council England through the National Lottery.

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