John Skoog: Redoubt

John Skoog works with film and video. He follows in the tradition of Scandinavian film through the use of stark landscapes and slow-pacing. The poetic use of the Swedish landscape and powerful studies of character and emotion evoke memories of film works by cinema greats such as Victor Sjostrom and Mauritz Stiller.

John Skoog, Reduit (Redoubt), 2014. 4k to HD-video, 13'55".

John Skoog, Reduit (Redoubt), 2014 4k to HD-video, 13’55”.

For his first solo show in a UK public gallery, Skoog made a new film set in the flat farmlands of the southern provinces of Sweden. Skoog was born in Kvidinge, Sweden and lives and works in Frankfurt.

He is the winner of the 2013/14 ars viva prize for visual arts and has recently been awarded with the prestigious ‘1KM film scholarship’ from Stockholm Film festival, 2013.


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