Jessica Warboys ECHOGAP

Towner Art Gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition by British artist Jessica Warboys whose wide-ranging practice includes sculpture, film, performance and large scale canvases including Sea Paintings. Warboys’ work often departs from personal or collective memories and explores themes of mythology, art history and landscape. In ECHOGAP her Sea Painting, commissioned for Towner, acts as a vista within which she re-orientates new and existing works.

Sea Painting, Birling Gap, 2017, was made on the shoreline of an enclosed beach set below white chalk cliffs near Eastbourne. Warboys created the painting by casting pigment onto lengths of raw canvas that were submerged and pulled from the sea, producing swathes of colour that echo the water’s ebb and flow. The ‘painted’ canvas functions as a record of her collaboration with the landscape, referencing her ongoing interest with performance, ritual and the physical and psychic dynamics that give a landscape its shape and meaning.

These dynamics continue in Warboys’ new film Body Sleep, (2017) which was filmed in Parikkala Sculpture Park in Finland, the lifetime project of artist Veijo Rönkkönen. Warboys’ film is a meditation on Rönkkönen’s extraordinary concrete figures that are gradually being consumed by nature.  Within ECHOGAP works become characters in a shifting tableau accompanied by sound and light from artist/composer Morten Norbye Halvorsen, these gestures combined create a structure of echoes in a poetic play of form and movement.

Sea Painting, Birling Gap, 2017 was acquired by the Contemporary Art Society for Towner Art Gallery in 2017.

Installation images: Rohan Van Twest

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