Guerrilla Girls: The Male Graze (part of Art Night 2021)

This year Art Night is moving out of London, taking place in over 10 locations around the United Kingdom, from the Isle of Skye to London via Cambridge, Abergavenny, and the West Midlands, and, of course, our very own Eastbourne.

Transforming iconic and unexpected public spaces within London since 2016, Art Night 2021, curated by Helen Nisbet, will stretch 1000+ miles across Scotland, England, and Wales, from North to South and East to West as well as even further digitally and physically for international audiences.

For the first time, Art Night will also take place for a month, allowing audiences the opportunity to access commissions, performances, and interventions in rural locales, towns, and cities as well as from home.

As part of Art Night, the Guerrilla Girls will be presenting their biggest UK public commission to date, The Male Graze. The commission includes a website, online gig, and national series of billboards exploring bad behaviour both historically and in the present day. The work will manifest as a series of billboards across the UK including London, Eastbourne, Dundee, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Cardiff, Warwick, Swansea, and more.

The billboard will be on display from 18 June to 18 July off the A209, Lewes (opposite Elephant and Castle pub, adjacent to New Road) and at the Eastbourne Redoubt, Royal Parade, Eastbourne BN22 7AQ.

Other billboards are presented in partnership with Art Night’s friends Compton Verney, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Glasgow Women’s Library, g39, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Grand Union, and The Tetley. Art Night will also present this commission in two London sites in Shoreditch and London Bridge.

Other Art Night artists include: Alberta Whittle, Isabel Lewis, Oona Doherty, Adham Faramawy, Mark Leckey, Sonya Dyer, Imran Perretta & Paul Purgas, Philomène Pirecki, and OOMK.

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