Geocache Art Tour (England’s Creative Coast)

Offsite, various locations around Eastbourne. Part of England’s Creative Coast.

Family-friendly & suitable for those new to geocaching. Geocaches are accessible locations within walking distance (all 3 can be reached within 30mins on foot) and are conveniently located near public toilets and cafes.

Take part in the world’s first art GeoTour! Using the free Geocaching app, follow the digital GPS trail to hunt out a series of hidden objects and uncover Towner’s unique series of geocaches at various locations around Eastbourne. Then log your finds to uncover the hidden stories of Eastbourne, both of now and in the past.

This tour starts at Towner Eastbourne and you can enjoy Eastbourne’s coastline before arriving at the foot of the South Downs. From here continue to Whitbred Hollow and experience Mariana Castillo Deball’s Waterfronts commission, up close.

The GeoTour involves a series of objects hidden in the landscape. Each object has a QR code through which you can listen to an audio work. To take part you’ll need to download the app onto a GPS-enabled device and to travel to Towner Eastbourne.

Amy Leung worked with young people from Eastbourne’s YMCA LGBTQ+ group, over Zoom, to develop ideas and processes for the objects (caches). She has made a series of brightly coloured sculptures using the engraved marks, embellished surfaces and textures the young people made. The group became familiar Mariana Castillo Deball’ commission, and the images of the St Anne’s Hill excavation in 1997 she references. Amy incorporated the young people’s zoomorphic (animal-related) designs, which are inspired by the Anglo-Saxon grave finds. The results are truly unique in colour, texture and imagery. And a fantastic treasure for you to find!

Karolina Raczynski has made a new audio work, Dig Deep, which you can listen to when you find each of Amy’s sculptures. For this project Karolina is interested in identity, movement, belonging, and legacy. She used Zoom to record memories and stories of people who took part in or have a connection to the St Anne’s Hill archaeological dig. Once she was able to, Karolina visited and recorded the sounds of the places people had spoken about. The resulting work Dig Deep shares memories, stories, and through field recordings the feelings of these locations. Listening to this you will sense the patience, care, excitement, thrill, and wonder of uncovering such fascinating objects and stories… when you find the cache!

Download the beautiful geocaching guide by Somang Lee to get involved.


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Mariana Castillo Deball: Walking through the town I followed a pattern… (England’s Creative Coast)

Inspired by local archaeological sites, artist Mariana Castillo Deball has created a public artwork that plays out across the streets of Eastbourne, into Towner Eastbourne’s gallery building, and out to the South Downs. Walking through the town I followed a pattern on the pavement that became the magnified silhouette of a woman’s profile is, explains Castillo Deball, “a work that can be experienced as an image, a walking path or a narrative.”

On this two-hour walking route around the streets of Eastbourne, pedestrians will discover a chalk-stenciled rope that traces an unexpected route through the town, outlining the silhouette of a woman’s profile. Followers of the walking trail will encounter several sculptural objects embedded in the pavement, each relating to objects that were buried with The Frankish Woman, whose ancient remains were discovered in Eastbourne at the Anglo-Saxon cemetery on St Anne’s Hill.

Part of England’s Creative Coast. 

Image: courtesy England’s Creative Coast


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