Evan Roth: Red Lines

Red Lines is Artangel’s first networked artwork: available free to anyone, anywhere. A network of mesmerising video landscapes is streamed free to your home or workplace in this pioneering new project by artist Evan Roth. Roth has travelled to coastal sites around the world where the cables that make the internet possible emerge from the sea. Filmed in infrared, the same spectrum in which data is transmitted online, the videos reveal another side of the internet, one that moves at the speed of weather, wind, and tide.

Red Lines can be experienced by anyone, anywhere in the world. Experience it at Towner from 26 January to 28 April or find out how to join the network at your home or workplace at: artangel.org.uk/project/red-lines

For over 30 years Artangel has produced extraordinary art in unexpected places across the UK and around the world.

Image: Detail from Evan Roth, Red Lines, 2018.  An Artangel commission.

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