Mariana Castillo Deball: Walking through the town I followed a pattern on the pavement that became the magnified silhouette of a woman’s profile

Mariana Castillo Deball’s diverse, kaleidoscopic practice combines visual art with archaeology, science and history to make installations, performances, sculptures and text-based pieces. She focuses on different forms and languages to reveal the role of objects and stories in our histories and identities. For Waterfronts, Deball will draw on both the ancient and more recent geological and social history of the area.

England’s Creative Coast celebrates and connects the distinct, creative coastline across Essex, Kent and East Sussex showcasing the exceptional culture in this part of the world, drawing on the uniqueness of each location to give visitors a new and enriched experience: exploring contemporary art situated on and made in response to this breathtaking coastline, and uncovering the creative spirit of each place as told by the locals that live there. The experience includes the world’s first ever art digital geocaching tour and self-curated itineraries at

England’s Creative Coast is led by Turner Contemporary in partnership with Towner Eastbourne, De La Warr Pavilion, Hastings Contemporary, Creative Folketone, Cement Fields and Metal.

Image: courtesy England’s Creative Coast

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