Draw Me In

Drawing is universal: from doodling to cave paintings, we discover drawing before words. Despite being formative to human development and communication, drawing is often approached with trepidation. The phrase ‘I can’t draw’ is heard regularly from children, young people, adults and community groups the gallery works with.

In preparation for the tenth schools exhibition in this building, discussion with local teachers explored how to respond to an increasing reduction of art learning. Drawing has been given a renewed emphasis within a much narrower curriculum, measured by technical ability over creativity.

Draw Me In addresses this by looking at what the gallery’s collection can teach everyone about drawing from a more progressive perspective. It includes works by twelve women artists including Ursula Mommens, Elizabeth McGill, Elisabeth Frink and Ceal Floyer, alongside work from 50 local groups, involving 2,331 children and young people.

Draw Me In asks everyone to look more carefully at who is included in decision making, who is excluded from collections and what our individual and collective role may be in ensuring everyone has access to the arts.

Draw Me In invites you to be part of the picture.

Drop off your work: 18 to 24 March 2019, during gallery opening hours
Drop off your work and label text including this completed form.

Opening Party: Thursday 4 April 2019, 3.00pm to 6.00pm
Celebrate the opening of the exhibition with family and friends.

Draw Me In: 5 April to 2 June 2019
The exhibition will be open for everyone to enjoy.

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