Art, Life and Us: Christine Binnie, Jennifer Binnie and the Towner Collection

Christine Binnie and Jennifer Binnie have a long-standing connection with the Eastbourne area and grew up in Wannock, they spent formative years attending Eastbourne College of Art and Design which firmly established their identities as artists.

They have both developed a strong connection to the rural and downland landscape which has influenced their work in performance art, pottery (Christine) and painting (Jennifer). Along with Wilma Johnson, the sisters are founding members of The Neo Naturists, a performance art collective which evolved in the early 1980s in London.

In this Towner exhibition, which they have curated, Christine and Jennifer use their own work to complement pieces chosen from Towner’s Collection. The exhibition guides the visitor through a journey that reflects on and embraces our place in this changing world, exploring themes of nature, the body, meaning and the cycles of life.

“Simultaneously embracing nature and culture, ancient rite and modern ritual, the Binnies have never compromised their vision or fretted about art world fashionability with the result that they now seem more fresh and relevant than ever” – Louisa Buck, art critic and correspondent for The Art Newspaper

Art, Life and Us will be the first Towner Collection exhibition guest-curated by artists.

Installation photos by Rob Harris.

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