Allan Grainger: Downland Gloaming

Night walks over the old chalk paths and byways of the Downs, along with the work of the artist Eric Ravilious and the poetry of Edward Thomas are the main inspirations behind Allan Grainger’s series of photographs, Downland Gloaming.

The approach to this project is psychogeographical: the changing light; the way the atmosphere at dusk alters our experience of the landscape; the way the land holds a palimpsest of memory in the twilight, revealing itself and feeding the imagination; these are some of the conditions that influence this work.

For Allan Grainger, the gloaming is that time, that liminal space, when we leave the clarity of the day and enter the light of the imagination. These photographs are equivalents, moments experienced and subtle recordings in a fading landscape and they therefore require time for the eye to adjust to slowly reveal the visual traces, lines, and patterns of the landscape of ancient and modern times.

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