Voice on a Lightbeam

Image: Lis Rhodes, Dresden Dynamo, 1971-2. Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre London © the artist

Join Towner and scientist Dr Jonathan Hare to experiment with light and sound and transmit your own voice on a light beam in an experiment that could, in principle, be used to communicate across the vacuum of space!

This workshop is based on one of the challenges from BBC2’s Rough Science, and is inspired by Towner’s latest exhibition We Stared at the Moon from the Centre of the Sun: Haroon Mirza Curates the Arts Council Collection.


Dr Jonathan Hare is a freelance science communicator. His PhD work with Sir Harry Kroto lead to a method of making the football molecule C60, Buckminsterfullerene.

He has worked as a ‘Time Lord’ at the National Physical laboratory working with atomic clocks as well as with British Gas developing a gas powered car. He has been on all the BBC / OU Rough Science (6 series) and Hollywood Science (2 series) TV programmes. He has also appeared on COAST and Horizon TV programmes.

He is currently a visiting lecturer in science communication in the Physics department at Sussex University. He loves making things, juggling, hill walking, amateur radio and painting.

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