The Lady Eve

Still from The Lady Eve, Preston Sturges, 1941

Presented in association with the School of Media, Film and Music, University of Sussex.

Celebrate one of the feistiest women in Hollywood history: Brooklyn born and bred Barbara Stanwyck. Enjoy two of her most iconic roles on the big screen – from wisecracking screwball heroine to film noir femme fatale. Saturday screenings will have introductions.

The Lady Eve is a match made in cinematic heaven — a classic screwball comedy from Preston Sturges, complete with dazzling stars. Con-artist Jean Harrington (Barbara Stanwyck) manipulates her way through life, getting what she wants with skill, charm and charisma. On a cruise she meets Charles (Henry Fonda), a gullible millionaire and snake scientist, who falls for her in a heartbeat. But then he learns of her past…

“Very near perfection, and quintessential Sturges” – Time Out

The screening on Saturday 25 May will feature an introduction by Dr Michael Lawrence from University of Sussex.

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