Projector Slide Mount Hacking

Experiment with scale and create your own mini vista slides. Look at pin pricking, collaging, graffiti-ing or making acetate prints for new slides.

This summer, we’re working with four artists to make the holidays exciting, creative and fun. This week our artists-in-residence, Ismini Samanidou and Kate Whiteman are combining their skills to develop participants’ skills in graphic design and weaving. 

Ismini Samanidou is a visual artist and designer who lives in Eastbourne, who works with photography, drawing and weaving. She makes work for exhibitions and installations, collaborates with architects and designers on site-specific commissions, works on commercial designs, and teaches weaving and drawing in the UK and internationally.

Kate Whiteman is a graphic designer based in Eastbourne. She creates designs for charities and not-for- profit organisations. Kate has worked with Towner, including co-designing Fusebox, and her family are keen Towner visitors.

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