Postcards from London

A young man stands in front of a neon "vacancies" sign at night

Still from Postcards from London, directed by Steve McLean, 2018

Twenty-five years after the release of his queer classic, Postcards from America (based on the writing of David Wojnarowicz), Steve McLean returns with a follow up. Postcards from London is an homage to the work of Derek Jarman and a celebration of the homo-erotic in Baroque art; telling the story of a young man escaping the suburban landscape he grew up in for the neon-lit streets of Soho.

Rising star Harris Dickinson (Beach Rats) stars as beautiful Essex-boy Jim, who arrives in London looking for fame, fortune and cultural stimulation. Down on his luck, he meets ‘The Raconteurs’ a gang of high class male escorts who specialise in post-coital conversation. After taking a job as a muse to a painter seeking inspiration, he soon finds he suffers from a unique affliction which renders him insensible in the face of great art.

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