From Nursery Rhymes to Wartime Heroes: Enid Marx’s Children’s Books with Dr Matthew Eve

With an astonishing career that spanned 75 years, Enid Marx was a highly versatile designer, creating textiles, ceramics, illustrations, linocuts, water-colours, oil paintings.

She also wrote and illustrated a small but important group of children’s books including Bulgy The Barrage Balloon; The Pigeon Ace and The Little White Bear.

This talk by Dr Matthew Eve will delve into these books in depth, exploring Marx’s visual language, influences and subject matter, and show how her stories about three airborne heroes are some of the finest children’s books that were published during the Second World War.

Dr Matthew Eve is a freelance writer, illustrator, former biographer and archivist to the Estate of Enid Marx, and guest curator of the British Library’s Picture This: Children’s Illustrated Classics exhibition 2013-2014.

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