Love is the Devil: Study for a Portrait of Francis Bacon, 1998

Still from Love is the Devil, 1998. Directed by John Maybury.

Still from Love is the Devil, 1998. Directed by John Maybury.

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Featuring award-winning performances from Derek Jacobi and a fresh-faced, pre-Bond Daniel Craig, Love is the Devil tells the story of painter Francis Bacon, concentrating on his strained, short-lived relationship with small-time thief, George Dyer. With an astonishing supporting cast, time and space is warped as director John Maybury inserts young British artists of the moment – Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas and Gillian Wearing to name a few – into scenes at the Colony Room club, where Bacon famously drank in the ‘60s.

“Love Is the Devil is a devilish brew of naturalism, Baconesque film effects, history and gossip. It is a warped anthropological detour into the fag end of 1950s Soho bohemia, dragged too far into the 1960s but it is also a tragic love story, with astonishing performances and character cameos.” – Adrian Searle, The Guardian

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