LGBTQ Tour of the Towner Collection

Celebrating LGBT History Month, join us for a free tour of the Towner Collection that will focus on objects and artworks in Towner’s rich and diverse collection with connections to LGBTQ artists. Explore behind the scenes and discover some fascinating stories.

Your guides:

Dan Cox is a tour guide, storyteller, writer, photographer, historian, and lead singer of South London’s premier gay socialist folk band: The Black Smock Band. Over many years of leading and entertaining groups of people he has worked everywhere from local Sussex woodland to iconic venues, such as Brighton Royal Pavilion and Brighton Museum. While his expertise and interests cover a wide variety of subjects, the one thing that unites them all is a thread of social history. A thread of places and of people – and how they live and have lived in them.

Jack Shoulder is Towner’s Learning Coordinator, helping our visitors discover more about our collections and exhibitions. He is also a volunteer on the V&A’s LGBTQ Tour programme.

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