Documentary – Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami

Sophie Fiennes’ portrait documentary, Bloodlight and Bami, takes Grace Jones as its subject, seeking to find the person behind the icon through electrifying performances interlaced with personal at-home footage.

Fiennes began filming in the mid-2000s and follows Grace on-stage and off, as she travels back home to Jamaica to visit her family, catching her off-guard and at her most uninhibited, playing the roles of, not only performer, but also mother, daughter, sister and grandmother.

“Grace Jones has always been an iconoclast. But this documentary restores her humanity.” – The New York Times

Women in Film
In the centenary year of the 1918 suffrage act, celebrating women’s voices has never been more important. With this in mind, we present a season dedicated entirely to women in film. All the films in this season are directed or co-directed by women, and most are female-focused in their narrative.

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