Experimental Space

Alongside our open Studio Spaces this August, there will be a space in Towner’s studios for all visitors to take part in their own art experimentation. Throughout the summer, Towner will be joined by several artists-in-residence who will help and guide our summer school-ers through our experimental spaces and a series of workshops.

Drop in throughout gallery hours from 13–25 August and join artists-in-residence Kate Whiteman and Ismini Samanidou for a mixture of:

  • Paper Weaving: What happens when you mix graphics and weaving? Weave patterned paper with block colours or intertwine letters with words and shapes to find out.
  • Inside Woven Mural: Help thread a collaborative mural inside the Towner on our very large grid!
  • Stamp Pad Patterns: Put recycled materials to good use and create inky shapes, patterns and prints.
  • Get Gridding: A grid can be used in graphic design and in weaving. Use geometric paper bases to cut, weave, colour, fold, draw, stick or sculpt or whatever you like to make new shapes or 3D designs!
  • Over Head Projection composition: Compose ‘matieres’ and transpose them on to another surface with an old school over head projector.
  • Find your View: Use a view-finder pack to explore Towner though a view you may not usually take.
  • Abstract Town: What architectural shapes surround your day? What shapes would you like to live in? Help design imagined buildings and even a town out of paper.
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