Edward Stott and British Impressionism

Feeding the Ducks, 1885 (oil on canvas) by Edward Stott (1859-1918). Girl at left centre of the painting is feeding the ducks from a ceramic bowl in her arms at the water's edge. It is an autumnal outdoor scene with brown leaves on the ground that have fallen from the trees depicted in the scene. A tree trunk is visible on the left hand side of the painting behind the girl and it the distance farm buildings are in view.

Edward Stott, Feeding the Ducks, 1885. © Manchester Art Gallery , Bridgeman Images.

Prof. Anna Gruetzner-Robins, Emeritas Professor at the University of Reading, specialising in late 19th and early 20th century French and British art, gives an illustrated talk on Stott’s work and his connections with the English Impressionist circle.

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