Two women approaching a kiss

Still from Disobedience, Sebastián Lelio, 2018

The English-language debut from Oscar-winning Chilean director Sebastián Lelio (A Fantastic Woman, Gloria) is an engrossing drama about a woman (Rachel Weisz) returning home to the Orthodox Jewish community of North London that previously shunned her. There, her friend and former lover Esti (Rachel McAdams) is now the wife of an admired young rabbi; and as their passionate feelings for each other start to resurface, so do the suspicions of their conservative community.

Based on Naomi Alderman’s novel, Disobedience is an urgent study of love as an act of defiance, testing the boundaries of faith, sexuality and personal freedom.

To celebrate the release of Disobedience, we’ll also be screening Sebastián Lelio’s Academy Award-winning A Fantastic Woman on Sunday 27 January, as part of our regular Queer Film strand.

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