Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy

Diana Kennedy: Nothing Fancy is a feature-length documentary offering a candid look into the world of 97-year-old British chef and cookbook author Diana Kennedy, widely regarded as the world’s authority on Mexican cuisine. 

Standing barely five feet tall with a still-thick English accent, Diana is a formidable critic of any individual who doesn’t agree with her subjective views of Mexican culinary traditions, or, God forbid, doesn’t recycle. Diana is a force of nature, living entirely in harmony with it. She designed and built her ecologically sustainable property outside Zitácuaro, Michoacán in 1974, where she continues to cook, recycle rainwater, use solar power, and grow her own vegetables, coffee, and corn. 

Please note the Thursday matinee screening will be introduced by EFS’ Mansel Stimpson.

“Now 97 years old Diana Kennedy is the liveliest of nonagenarians. An expert in Mexican cuisine, this Englishwoman long resident in Mexico looks back on her past history, her determination to be her own woman and her commitment both to cooking and being a conservationist. Her example is wonderfully life-affirming.” – Mansel Stimpson, EFS


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