David is Homosexual, 1976

still from David is Homosexual, 1976. Directed by Wilfred Avery.

Still from David is Homosexual, 1976. Directed by Wilfred Avery.

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain. To celebrate, Towner presents a series of screenings and events to explore the last fifty years of LGBT+ experiences in the UK.

Telling the story of a young man struggling to come out, David is Homosexual was originally made, on a shoestring budget, as an educational film for the Lewisham brand of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality by director Wilfred Avery, back in the late ‘70s.

Only recently has the film begun to enjoy a revival: last year Peter Scott-Presland, official historian for the CHE, rediscovered the footage and passed it onto the British Film Institute, where the film has been cleaned up, digitised and placed in the library.

“As a portrait of suburban Britain in the middle of the 70s and a portal into the gay mindset of the time, it is riveting. The moustache count in the film, for both gay and straight men, is inevitably high.” – Paul Flynn, The Guardian

The film will be followed by a discussion between Wilfred Avery’s partner, Eastbourne-local Ray Crossley, who was also involved in the making of the film; Dave Belton, the film’s cameraman; and Simon McCallum, film archivist from the British Film Institute.

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