City of Borders + short film + Q&A

We are pleased to be hosting NAZRA: Queer Arab Lives on Film in the Towner Cinema, in association with Eyes Wide Open Cinema, a Brighton-based LGBT+film strand. Until December we will have a monthly exploration of queer Arab identities and experiences. Each feature-length film will be accompanied by a short film and Q&A discussion with an esteemed expert.

City of Borders

Shushan is a gay bar situated in the historic city of Jerusalem. In this fly-on-the-wall documentary, we follow a selection of the bar’s patrons: a Jewish Israeli councillor, a Palestinian drag queen, a Jewish settler, and a Palestinian-Jewish Israeli lesbian couple. Yun’s documentary paints a nuanced portrait of her subjects as they negotiate the complex borders of sexuality, race, nationality, and religion amidst the tumult of the Israeli occupation and Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

+ Chic Point: Fashion for Israeli Checkpoints

Sharif Waked, 2003, 7m

Still from Chic Point, Sharif Waked, 2003.

Palestinians crossing Israeli checkpoints are regularly forced to undergo humiliating levels of screening, including being made to show their abdomens to prove they are not wearing an explosive device. Chic Point reimagines the site of the checkpoint as a fashion runway, in which models showcase garments that ensure the abdomen is always on show. The result is a powerful piece of political filmmaking that asks us to consider the problematic erotics of these real-world encounters.

+ Q&A Discussion with Samar Ziadat

Samar is a co-founder at She is also a committee member at Transmission Gallery and the Scottish Queer International Film Festival. She graduated with an MSc in Art History from the University of Edinburgh’s College of Art in 2016.

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