Blue Monkey Network: Unfinished Business

Judith Alder 2015

Judith Alder 2015

Blue Monkey’s Unfinished Business events offer the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes insight into the research and development of an artist’s work, focusing on the development of a piece of work or project still in progress. It enables us to consider different artists’ approaches to their work, their starting points and ways of developing their material and its context, exploring research, planning, development of techniques, skills and processes; sharing frustrations, breakthroughs, celebrations, confusion… and the occasional brief moment of clarity.

For the artist, it provides a really valuable opportunity to order and review their work in progress, to edit and collate ideas and images, and to try to make sense of a complex process in order to be able to present it to our audience.

Judith Alder’s two year-long project, The New Immortals explores man’s ongoing quest for immortality in the context of our present age, when scientists can create, manipulate, alter and sustain life to an extent once unimaginable. From the historic search for eternal life through religion, alchemy, magic and medicine, to the modern miracles of contemporary biomedical science, Judith has spent a year long period of R&D, funded by a Grant for the Arts, taking a fresh look at the notion of living forever in an age when immortality is perhaps no longer such a fantasy. Now in the second phase of this project, Judith is in the process of developing The New Immortals exhibition, due to open at Phoenix Brighton in February.                        

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