Blue Monkey Network – Out of Hours: BRINK

Thanks to our special relationship with Towner, we are pleased to be able to enjoy an exclusive out of hours viewing of one of Towner’s current exhibitions, BRINK, curated by Caroline Lucas.

Caroline Lucas – politician, cultural advocate and environmental campaigner – took on a new challenge last autumn: curating her first ever exhibition for a major UK gallery. Caroline is an active campaigner on a range of issues and has consistently been voted the UK’s most ethical politician. A patron of various arts projects over the years, she currently supports Kollektiv Gallery, ONCA Gallery and Firecracker Theatre Company.

Selecting from the 5000 works in Towner’s permanent Collection, Caroline’s choices reflect and resonate with her passions and interests, from her environmental work, issues of climate change and effects on our landscape, to her love of living in Sussex.

We’ve invited five Blue Monkey Network members to select works in the exhibition which hold a particular interest or resonance for them. The five will talk about the work from their own very unique perspectives as artists.

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