Blue Monkey Network – Artists Residencies: by Sharon Haward

Artist Sharon Haward shares some of her experience gained over many years of artistic practice, especially as Artist in Residence in many different settings and locations.

Sharon will examine the role and value of residencies as one part of an artist’s practice, talking about her recent residencies in Norway, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria and discussing the practicalities, benefits, pitfalls and outcomes. She will also refer to smaller scale DIY residencies that have enabled her to refresh her practice, experiment, make new connections and contacts and to develop her research into a range of architectural spaces.

Information will also be given about where to find residencies, application tactics, managing expectations and developing a DIY strategy.

Sharon Haward is a visual artist based in Hastings. She has a Fine Art degree from Newcastle University and more recently graduated from the University of Brighton with an MA in Digital Media Arts. She also lectures at University Centre Hastings, and works freelance as a gallery educator and workshop leader.

Projects and collaborations include those created for established galleries, artist-run projects as well as for public spaces, underground sites and abandoned buildings. Working in different spaces and places is an adventure and provides stimulus for new ways of thinking about the relationship between the artist, the body, space and the audience. Haward has worked with artists and curators in Europe and the UK to produce interventions, assemblages and projections in UK, Belgium and France, including a electrical substation, a Victorian fort, an old fire station, a railway station and numerous empty plots.

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