Blue Monkey Maker Date

Image: Sally Colledge

This month artist Sally Colledge will lead a new event for Blue Monkey Network with an emphasis on making and doing. This Maker Date event will offer an opportunity for us all to enjoy the company of like-minded people, accompanied by drinks, nibbles and arty chat while we join in a low-tech making activity in a relaxed, informal and friendly atmosphere.

Sally says, “Using a simple paper folding technique, we will produce a collaborative installation. The technique really is very simple but can be used in lots of different ways to produce unique pieces of work. Each of us will create one or more small paper sculptures, which we will use to build an installation throughout the evening.

The installation will be a great starting point for drawing and should be an interesting subject for the photographers among you, so bring a sketchbook and a camera/tripod on the evening. Please also bring along a ruler, pencils, drawing materials, scissors, a bone folder (or teaspoon) and, if you have one… a torch!”

Sally’s own practice involves making ephemeral sculptures, which explore line, space and fragility. Her work is process led and focuses on the innate characteristics of materials. She typically uses multiple readymade objects or expanses of a single material and applies a repetitive process to them to make sculpture. The inherent qualities of the materials and the space in which the work is shown, play a part in determining its form. Using familiar objects and materials in an unfamiliar way, Sally challenges the viewer’s perception of them, transforming the commonplace into something unexpected and strange.

Sally has previously exhibited her work in the East Sussex Open and at Pallant House, Chichester as well as other exhibitions and galleries in the South East.

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