Artist Talk: Mishka Henner

Mishka Henner, Unknown Site, Noordwijk aan Zee, South Holland, 2011. Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London, ©Mishka Henner.

At Altitude artist Mishka Henner creates works that are composed of hundreds of high-resolution satellite images. He joins us for a discussion on how his work explores the role of photography in the digital age.

Mishka Henner (b.1976, Belgium) is one of the UK’s most significant artists working with and interrogating the photographic medium. Based on the collection and mediation of publicly available imagery sourced through the internet, satellites and television, his appropriative practice explores the use and value of photography and its relationship with contemporary experience.

His work has featured in several surveys of contemporary artists working with photography in the internet age from appropriation of image-rich technologies including Google Earth, Google Street View, and YouTube, and for his adoption of print-on-demand as a means to bypass traditional publishing models

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