Ann Wroe: Six Facets of Light

photo: Sam Winter

— Please note: This talk was originally scheduled for 15 April but will now be taking place on 8 April —

Journalist and author Ann Wroe’s most recent book leaps from the familiar surroundings of the Downs and coastline of East Sussex. Six Facets of Light interweaves a walker’s experiences of light in nature with the observations, jottings and thoughts of a dozen writers, painters, and some scientists, who have wrestled to define and understand light. From Ravilious to Dante, Hopkins to Turner, Coleridge to Whitman, Fra Angelico to Newton, the mystery of light is teased out and pondered on.

Ann Wroe has written several highly acclaimed books including: Being Shelley, Pilate: The Biography of an Invented Man and Perkin: A Story of Deception. She trained as a medieval historian and joined The Economist in 1976 to cover American politics. She has worked as Books and Arts Editor (1988-1992), American Editor (1992-2000) and since 2003 she has written almost all its Obituaries. She is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and the Royal Society of Literature.

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