Alternative Viewpoints with Jazmine Miles-Long

The desk of Jazmine Miles-Long, ethical taxidermist

photo: Jazmine Miles-Long

Each month join contemporary thinkers, creative practitioners, experts from beyond the gallery walls and members of our Learning programme for a free exhibition experience with a difference.

This month join ethical taxidermist Jazmine Miles-Long on a journey into the wilderness and wildlife found in The Museum of Art. Jazmine will focus on key pieces in the exhibition and lift the lid on her unique practice in taxidermy.

Jazmine’s love of natural history has led her to make work that respects the animal and highlights its beauty. Jazmine calls herself an ‘ethical’ taxidermist, working with animals that have died from natural causes. She says, “My specimens are donated to me by friends, family, rescue centres, and those who have found me through social networking sites.”

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