Alternative Viewpoints with Monday Butoh Group

photo credit: Yumino Seki

Each month join contemporary thinkers, creative practitioners and members of our Learning programme for a free exhibition experience with a difference.

Dance Collective, Monday Butoh Group will travel through  A Certain Kind of Light for a gallery experience with a difference. Move with the group on a journey through the exhibition, follow their lead and explore how the body responds to light and space.

Butoh is an avant-garde dance movement that emerged from the post-war chaos in Japan, when the country grappled with the clash between new Western technology and traditional Japanese values. Butoh became a new form of expression, neither an imitation of Western culture nor a traditional Japanese cultural practice.

Shifting attention from ‘action’ to ‘active listening’ we investigate unique individual expression.  Aiming to embody movement, image and feeling state in dance. Butoh sees dance as a living process and it pushes the boundaries of what we already know.

Yumino Seki is a UK based independent dance artist, Butoh practitioner, performer, teacher and qualified somatic movement educator & therapist.

Born in Japan, she has trained in classical and contemporary dance and her work is informed by the cultural depth and diversity of both the UK and Japan. Her development in her dance has been a gradual exploration of both her collective and self-identity.

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