A Field in England

Dir. Ben Wheatley, 2013. Rated 15. 91mins

Filmed in black and white this historical, psychological thriller is a powerful portrayal of the bloodthirsty madness that descends over a group of people when they fall victim to competition and greed. In the midst of the 17th Century English Civil War, a group of deserters flee a raging battlefield, only to be subsequently forced to find hidden treasure by a pair of violent alchemists.

What follows is a chaotic struggle through a hallucinogenic mushroom field in order to locate the supposed treasure. This sends the men into frenzy and paranoia as they realise that the treasure they seek may not be what they first thought.

Wheatley’s film is grisly and visceral, an occult, monochrome-psychedelic breakdown taking place somewhere in the West Country during the civil war.”  Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

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