Plus Tate

Towner is a partner of Tate, and exchanges programmes, ideas and skills with the Plus Tate network of visual arts organisations across the UK.

The partnership has enabled Towner to build strong relationships with Tate and 17 of our peer galleries across the country. 

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Plus Tate is innovative in that it is a two-way exchange between like-minded organisations, big and small, that share a commitment to artistic excellence and broad audiences for visual art. 

Not only does Towner benefit from our association with Tate and bring artworks from the Tate collection to Sussex, we are also able to share our own strengths through this nationwide exchange.

Towner is currently working with Tate directly to help inform development of their visitor services, in recognition of Towner’s exceptional standards of customer care.

For more information on Tate and the Plus Tate network, please visit the
Tate website.