FuseBox is a free creative space open for visitors of all ages. Inspired by our current Arts Council Collection exhibition A Green and Pleasant Land, we work with different designers, artists and musicians to theme the room, so there is always something new to experience. #ACCNationalPartners #FuseBox

Come and think about how we view and interact with landscapes in response to A Green and Pleasant Land.


Submit your photographs taken in response to A Green and Pleasant Land. This could be your favourite

landscape, a recent change you’ve noticed in the urban landscape, the impact of humans on the natural environment or something else entirely. Visit the exhibition and create your own visual response. Send us your photos via Instagram using the hashtag #greentowner.

Edible Eastbourne

We’ve  teamed up with Edible Eastbourne who bring together community members of all ages from the Eastbourne area, to raise awareness of locally sourced food and support planting in public spaces. They were inspired by artworks in the exhibition that highlight our impact on the landscape, as they install edible landscapes in urban parkland. They explored how we make a space ours, how we bring the outside into our homes and how landscape continuously evolves due to human impact. Feel soothed and energised in the space with their choice of plants that encourage you to think about the difference they can make to our environment.

Find out more about Edible Eastbourne: edibleeastbourne.co.uk @EdibleEastbourn


Capture the moment in our Photobot photobooth. Strike a pose inspired by some of the artworks in the exhibition. For £2 you can take home a unique strip of photos with a highly shareable link to an animated online version.

Magnetic Wall

Create your own landscape on our specially designed wall. Working with designer Kate from Perch we have created magnets influenced by works in the exhibition

Creation Station

Natural materials to make your own landscape to take home or hang in our gallery.

Share your photos with us #Fusebox @townerlearning