Upcoming exhibitions

Jessica Warboys ECHOGAP

21 October, 2017 - 4 February, 2018

Jessica Warboys’ large scale Sea Painting, commissioned for Towner Art Gallery, acts as a vista within which she re-orientates new and existing works, including film and sculpture from 2012 - 2017. Sea Painting, Birling Gap, 2017, was made on the shoreline of an enclosed beach set below white chalk cliffs near Eastbourne.


Andrew Kötting: Who You Walk With Alters What You See

4 November, 2017 - 3 December, 2017

An exhibition based on three psychogeographical journey-works, made in collaboration with Iain Sinclair, featuring pinhole photographs (Anonymous Bosch), artefacts, paintings (Eden Kötting) and film installations.