At Altitude

An Arts Council Collection National Partner Exhibition

This exhibition will explore how our experience of landscape, time and space has altered through the introduction of new elevated perspectives on the world that were unknown to earlier generations.

Ranging from early aviation to drone surveillance the exhibition will chart these changing perspectives, illustrating how perception has shifted from when aerial images were rare and exhilarating, to the all-enveloping, but strangely flattening vantage point of Google Earth and satellite technologies that grant access to places and information one is not usually afforded.

At Altitude presents historical and contemporary works that elucidate the links between the ever-changing methods of observing the world and how this has been interpreted by artists through painting, sculpture, photography and film.

Artists include Omer Fast, Mishka Henner, Jananne Al-Ani, Tacita Dean, Wolfgang Tilmans, Cornelia Parker and more.

Image: 5000 Feet is the Best, 2011. Digital video, color, sound, english spoken. 30 min. Edition of 6 + 2AP. Courtesy of gb agency, Paris and Arratia Beer, Berlin. Still by Yonn Thomas

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