The Art and Tech of 360 Film-making

A talk and practical workshop with Donna Close and Nick Driftwood of DRIFTWOOD on the art and tech of 360 film-making. Nick will take you through the creative and technical opportunities and challenges of making film in immersive worlds and the impact that it has on storytelling, shot planning and audience experience.

There will also be an opportunity to try out 360 cameras of different specs and quality and to watch some of the more interesting new VR360 cinematic content.

This event is taking place as part of The Future Cinematic, a series of events presented by CINECITY, Towner Art Gallery and the University of Brighton.

We are now experiencing a cinema revolution that is being shaped by new technology, new cinematic work by artists, the emergence of the gallery as a cinematic space and new kinds of audience engagement. What is emerging are new ways to make, share and experience films through immersive, interactive and shared experiences.

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