Ratcatcher, 1999

Still from Ratcatcher, 1999. Directed by Lynne Ramsey.

1970s Glasgow tenements, amidst a garbage strike, set the scene for Ratcatcher, Lynne Ramsay’s striking debut. The film follows James, a young boy whose family are waiting for news of whether they will be re-homed, as he escapes his own world exploring nearby canals and building sites. Harboring a secret, he gradually becomes a stranger in his own home.

“Right up to its visionary and ambiguous ending, Ratcatcher is a spellbinder. It has something of Terence Davies, and a little of Jane Campion … a must-see: a wonderful film from a brilliant director” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Screening as part of British Landscape on Film, a curated season of films inspired by Towner’s exhibition A Green and Pleasant Land.

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